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Selling A Business

Selling a business takes a lot of hard work and skill. You also need to be familiar with the state laws and federal regulations governing the sale of your business. One approach (certainly not ours), is to advertise the business openly and then let the general public take you away from your business by interviewing you, inspecting your business, and then giving you 101 reasons why the business is not worth the money you are asking for it. The end result using this approach is that the buyer will dictate both the price and terms of the sale, and you will end up on the short end of the deal.

Our Approach

Once we establish a relationship with you, we take the time to understand your business and also what your goals of the sale are. We then review the financials and other business related information with you; then with that information in-hand we establish a value for the business, with the goal of achieving top dollar for you.

The next step is we develop an Executive Summary for your business. This professionally prepared document will include all the information needed by a genuine buyer. Locating the right buyer can be challenging, but our buyer databases, national networks, and industry affiliations allow us to find the right buyer. The executive summary is only provided a buyer once they have been screened and signed a confidentiality agreement.

After we determine that a buyer may be suitable, we arrange an initial meeting for both of you to get to know a little about each other. A representative of our firm will attend this meeting with you. After the meeting if you are satisfied with the buyer and their capabilities, the chemistry, and the offer of his/her purchase proposal, we will then proceed to the next steps.

You will now allow the buyer to review your financial books and inspect the business. Concurrently, the buyer will often need assistance in finalizing his/her financing and we will be available to assist and work with the lender.

When the final inspection is finished and the financing ready, we will schedule the closing date with you and the buyer. We will make sure that all documents are ready for signature, as well as follow-up on any financing conditions required to close the transaction.

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